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Stripping the Floor

We all want clean and well-maintained flooring. It makes even the simplest home or building look more welcoming and attractive. Clients and buyers are drawn to a clean environment and seeing well-kept flooring can be the start of a good business relationship. However, any flooring will eventually lose their shine and luster over time. If your flooring is beginning to fade off, maybe it is the perfect time to scrub off the old wax and apply a new coating. Aside from enhancing the look of your flooring, it will protect it from future damages.

How to strip Flooring

Use the best stripper for the type of floor you have. Keep in mind that not all floors are the same. You should see an instruction on the bottle telling you if the stripper is the best for your flooring or not. Some strippers suit resilient or non-resilient floor types, and you want to make sure you are using the correct one for your floor.

Clear obstacles. When you are sure about which commercial stripper to use for your flooring, the next thing you have to do is to clear the area of anything that can cause hindrances for the project. Remove furniture, desks, and tables, then sweep the tile and look for any possible damage. Get rid of any residue or debris you see in the tile.

Dilute products. Proper dilution of the product is crucial for the success of waxing your flooring. Be careful to follow the directions you see on the bottle of the product so you can have the right dilution level. After mixing the stripper, test in a small area that is not easily seen. When you see any discoloration of the floor, you may be using a solution that is too strong or not suited for your flooring.

Apply stripper. Flood mopping is the fastest and effective way to apply the stripper. Mop the area with floor stripper and never let the stripper dry on the tile. Let the stripper sit in the selected areas for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a plastic trash bag as a liner if you will use the mop bucket for other purposes to avoid contamination of the product.

Use a floor scrubber. Scrub off the old wax once the stripper has set. You can use an electric scrubber or do it manually. Remove all wax build-up especially in high-traffic areas. As you scrub the floor, you will notice that the floor begins to look duller.

Discard remaining wax. Using a floor squeegee, you can start removing the wax after you are done with scrubbing the floor. Get rid of any debris in the area using a vacuum cleaner.

After the wax has been scrubbed off the flooring, it is necessary to rinse the floor with a neutralizer to eliminate all remaining residue. After the floor has been rinsed with the neutralizer, vacuum-clean the area for any remaining water. Sucking up the remaining stripper is essential to ensure that the wax will not peel off later.Completion test. Don’t wax your floor just yet. Before going to the main event, make sure that all wax and residue has been eliminated. You can place a black or any dark colored towel on the floor and see if there are any white residue that appears on it. If there is, it means there are remaining residues that need to be removed. You can also let the floor dry and gently pass a putty knife on the flooring. If there is wax on the knife, it may be necessary to strip the area again.

Apply wax to the Flooring

Use a wax sealer. Fill the mop bucket with a wax sealer once the floor has dried up. We always recommend the use of a plastic trash bag as a liner to avoid cross-contamination of products. You can begin to apply the wax to your flooring, but don’t flood the floor with wax like what you did with the stripper. You should apply an even layer of wax on the floor and spread it evenly. You can start with a thin application until you have spread the wax to the floor consistently. Let the wax dry. There can be different duration for the drying up process of the wax, depending on the product used. In most cases, you should wait 45 minutes before applying a new coat.

Apply another coat. Allow the wax to dry. When the wax has all dried up, test a small area before walking on it to avoid leaving footprints in the wax. Don’t step on the floor if you notice that it is still wet or sticky. Wait until it is completely dry before you apply another coat. You can apply as many as coats as needed until you have achieved your desired results. Just make sure that you allowed the wax to dry first before applying a new layer for best results.

Follow these steps to give your flooring a new and revived look.

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