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Healthcare Cleaning

All facilities need to be clean for health and safety reasons, especially if it is a medical facility. The cleanliness in your healthcare facility can depend on the cleaning service you will choose to hire. A clean environment can lead to more satisfied patients and improved scores in HCAHPS. At Dayton Janitorial, we make sure that we employ the highest standards set in the industry and we get it done right.

We have a wide range of healthcare cleaning services that are available for any type of medical facility:

  • Ambulatory care facilities
  • Medical offices
  • Outpatient services
  • Acute care providers

We give importance on your healthcare cleaning needs.

We are experts in cleaning high-traffic areas to help reduce the transmission of viral infections such as MRSA. We use professional cleaning processes, hospital grade disinfectants, as well as microfiber and HEPA technologies. We can make your environment free from dirt and healthier. We always look into the recommendations of your auditing associations, especially that of the FDA when doing our cleaning procedures.

  • Infection control of blood-borne pathogens
  • Safety and security compliance
  • Cleaning of carpet and hard-surface areas including waiting rooms, offices, and hallways
  • PTAC cleaning for clean air
  • Slip and ¬†fall solutions for tubs and floors
  • Green cleaning and sustainability programs

An expert healthcare cleaning begins with certified and professional staff.

A clean medical facility will not be possible without a professional healthcare cleaning service. All cleaning services depend on highly trained and professional staff for successful outcomes. This is why we make sure to only hire the best and the most qualified in the field.  Our employees are

thoroughly screened and trained to be the best healthcare cleaning staff. We equip them with the necessary skills they need to take on any challenge of healthcare cleaning. Our professional team will improve the quality of your facility.

  • We have custom training programs that are compliant with the CDC, HIPAA, and the Joint Commission.
  • We make sure to comply with regulatory safety and security rules on blood-borne pathogens.
  • We have quality assurance programs to ensure you are getting only the best from our service.
  • Customized healthcare cleaning procedures special for patients with sensitive cases to protect their privacy.
  • We give importance to problem areas determined by healthcare professionals.

A hospital-grade clean that you can count on

The first thing your patients will look for in your medical office is cleanliness. A clean environment makes your patient feel confident that you can take care of their needs because you were able to take care of the needs of your office. We can take care of a variety of equipment, so you don’t need to worry about us destroying equipment.

We combine microfiber technologies and our high-grade equipment to trap dust and remove it. By doing this, we can significantly reduce the airborne dust where bacteria and VOC’s can be found. You will have an improved air quality that both patients and staff will benefit from.

Why hire Dayton Janitorial for your healthcare cleaning service needs?

For any medical facility, having a clean and contaminant-free area is everything. You have to make sure the environment is clean before you begin any medical procedure. Dayton Janitorial makes sure we get things done right every time. We follow the highest standards when it comes to cleanliness at all times.

We have certified surgical cleaning technicians to form our team. If you have this certification, it means that you can be relied upon and that you can adhere to the right procedures in cleaning every medical office. We can offer proper care for all operating rooms, health laboratories, and common areas. With the CSCT certification, we have the edge over our competitors, and you can be sure that we are the best option for the job.

With this healthcare certification, our professional staff can offer:

  • Complete infection control functionality
  • Prevent cross-contamination
  • Compliance with safety and regulatory rules
  • Provide special terminal cleaning procedures for examination areas
  • Sustain healthy and safe airflows in the indoor areas

When you have Dayton Janitorial to help you, you can be confident that your medical facility is well taken care of and that your equipment are in good hands. We will treat your facility with the utmost care and professionalism so you can focus on other things. We will give you the peace of mind that you need in your healthcare facility.

No job too large or too small for Dayton Janitorial Service
  • Our Mission is Your Satisfaction
  • Safety is Our #1 Priority
  • We are Mindful of Your Time