FAQ for Dayton Janitorial

Picture of a CAUTION WET FLOOR sign with our employee in the background cleaning an office floor in Dayton, OHHere are some of the questions we mostly get from our clients and our straightforward answers on why it is important to hire a third-party cleaning service in your facility.

What do your services include?

We provide a wide range of janitorial service to cater to your cleaning needs. We can custom our service depending on the scale of work and the location of our client’s facility. We have provided our service in different types of businesses, and we continue to expand our knowledge to improve the quality if our work.

Do you offer to Green Cleaning Services?

Dayton Janitorial Service always strives to provide service that is environmentally and health friendly. As much as we can, we make sure to use only safe and approved products to reduce the risk of exposing our clients to hazardous chemicals. We use energy-efficient equipment, and we handle waste in a green manner.

What are your hours of operation?

Our office is open for any transactions 24/7 for your convenience. However, we can clean your facility more efficiently after office hours.

Do you provide hourly janitors?

We are proud to say that we do. Outsourcing janitorial services can save your company some money and Dayton Janitorial Service can deploy hourly cleaning service at a time that is most beneficial for you, at an affordable price.

Who will be cleaning my business?

At Dayton Janitorial Service, we make to hire only professional cleaners who passed our standards when it comes to attitude and skills. Everyone in our team goes through standard HR procedures and a series of training to ensure they are equipped for the job. Rest assured that all our employees will handle your facility equipped with the utmost care and respect. Further, we always assign a field supervisor to oversee and assist cleaners and ensure they provide the highest quality service you deserve.

Do we need to provide equipment and materials?

We have everything that needs to be used for cleaning. From the equipment down to the product, we can assure you that we have them in our warehouse. However, if you want us to use a specific product, please talk to your account manager about it, so that we can instruct our team in advance. Further, if you need “labor only” service, we can also provide it for you. Just give us a call, and we will tell you more about it.

Will I have the same people cleaning my building?

We can’t promise that the same professional cleaners will be the ones to handle cleaning in your business every time, but we will certainly do our best to make this happen. However, sometimes it is inevitable that some cleaners will go on vacations, or call in sick, that is why we need to look for someone else to fill the job. You don’t have to worry if there will be a new cleaner in your business because we can assure you they are all professionals and they can handle the job efficiently and safely.

How much will services cost me?

We don’t have a standard price for each service we provide because the cost may vary depending on different factors. Some factors include the size of your property, the frequency of our service, and other special requests by our customers. You can always speak to our account manager if you wish to know more about the cost of our services.

Are you insured?

Dayton Janitorial Service assures you that you are covered for any unexpected incidents while we work in your office. As part of our professionalism and conscientiousness, we provide security assurance to all our valued clients. Aside from that, we also carry Worker’s Compensation for your added security.