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How the Best Cleaning Service in Dayton Got Started

Dayton Janitorial Service has been in the business of cleaning all types of properties for many years now. We have experienced every possible situation in the janitorial industry, and those experiences honed us as a dependable company that we are now.

We are a local, family-run cleaning company in the Dayton area. Through the years we have continued to grow our skills as we do our best to develop our techniques and approaches in cleaning all types of properties. Because of the different situations we have ventured in, we have turned into a company you can trust with the cleanliness of your property. We will not leave any area untouched and make sure everything is well taken care of.

Our clients choose us because of our reputation for excellence and excellent customer service. We are detail-oriented, and we never stop until you are satisfied with the result of our job. We understand how important a clean home or office is but you may not have time to do it yourself that is why we commit ourselves to provide you cleaning services while you do more important things like run your business or spend time with your family. We treat your property as our own that is why we can guarantee a high-quality cleaning service. We are the authority in the cleaning industry.

Our values as a cleaning company are rooted in the goal of making every client satisfied with the service we render. We look at each property like they are our own; that is why we give it so much importance. We will scrub, vacuum, polish, and disinfect every part of your building or home like how we do in our homes. We understand that cleanliness is imperative in every establishment because it can make or break a deal with a potential client. After all, nobody wants to do business with someone who doesn’t take care of the cleanliness of his company. We know how important this is for you that is why we promise to provide the best quality cleaning service that you need.

We are licensed, insured, and registered. We give the same importance to your property as you do to them that is why we do everything to keep your property protected. There may be other companies out there who will promise you the same things we do, only to disappoint you in the end. We never promise anything that we can’t keep. When you decide to hire us, we will commit ourselves to deliver a kind of service that is worthy of your time and money.

We not only provide our clients with clean homes or office buildings but we also do our best to take care of the environment by using green products. We want to be responsible for keeping everything environmentally-friendly. We guarantee your satisfaction with our elite janitorial service, and we are confident that you will be impressed with the final look of your property as soon as we are done with cleaning. We are thorough with our process, and we give much importance to every detail of your property. We look into every small corner of your home and office to make sure every area is squeaky clean. This kind of approach has won us many contracts with our clients, and we continue to better our service to keep them coming back.

Referrals are essential to us, and we value every client we work for and have worked with. The reviews we get from them fuel our desire to provide even better service to anyone in Dayton. We create good work relationships with every client we work with, and we gain their trust and loyalty. We want you to be confident with every member we have in our team; that is why we carefully select every employee who works with us. They go through strict screening and background check to ensure that they are fit to work with us. We do this to protect you and your property and give you peace of mind.

When you finally decide to hire us, we will offer you a free estimate, either over the phone, in person, or on our website. We will make sure we have enough workforce, depending on the size of the project, to ensure we can finish it in the fastest time possible. Also, we always arrive on time because we know how valuable time is and we don’t intend to waste any of it. We will not disrupt your daily activities whether you are in the office or your home. Our goal is to cause minimal interruption until we are done with the cleaning project. When we are done for the day, you can expect all areas of your property cleaned and organized. You can depend on us for every cleaning service you may require.

Our office is available from Monday to Saturday, but we will be willing to work overtime if the situation calls for it. We can allow last-minute appointments, and we will be happy to render our service at whatever time of the day. At Dayton Janitorial Service, your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we will go beyond the average cleaning services to meet, and even exceed your expectations. We will clean your home or office to your specifications. We want you to be able to spend more time with your loved ones than cleaning your entire home or office.  You can leave that job to the experts.

Our goal is to be the best residential and commercial janitorial service in Dayton OH. We are dedicated to providing expert and professionals cleaning services that meet all standards. We will continue to grow our business and hire more members to our company so that we can offer better and improved services to every property owner in Dayton OH.

If you want to learn more about our services, you can check our service pages, or give us a call. We would love to work with you soon!

Picture of cleaning products in a bucket with an orange wall. This is product we use in cleaning offices in Dayton, OH
Picture of a CAUTION WET FLOOR sign with our employee in the background cleaning an office floor in Dayton, OH
No job too large or too small for Dayton Janitorial Service